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Why We Get Fat, an HLS Presentation

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Harvard Law School played host to a lecture by Gary Taubes titled "Why We Get Fat."

The talk said that obesity may be largely caused by an emphasis on certain carbohydrates, rather than the National Institute of Health's claim that weight gain is simply due to consuming more calories than burned.  You know, just that silly claim that is backed up by junk science like the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy.

Apparently Harvard has a Food Law Society.  Who knew?

[Harvard Law]

HLS Library Adds Bicycles

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The Harvard Law School Library will now allow students to check out bicycles and helmets in honor of Earth Day. (Checking out sexual harassment complaints still not available.)

That's right, as if you didn't despise your classmates enough already, you now have the opportunity to share sweat and lice with them. (Okay, to be fair, we assume that the library will use some sort of alcohol wipes on the helmets.)

For those HLSers who are a bit squeamish, don't feel completely left out.  Local organic vendors, such as b.good and Veggie Planet will be offering free food at the law school.

[The Crimson]

Blind Drunk Justice, Season 2 - Episode 8

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Despite a computer crash and 5 feet of organ failure, we still have a brand new episode of Bind Drunk Justice for you.

This week Namby and BL1Y discuss some things everybody loves, tequila, marijuana, gambling, and secretaries.  Roy Moore may also be mentioned.

Listen to it on our fancy embed music played dealie, or download it here.

Also, new episode of the Down by Lawcast is available, so check that out if you want.

Large Numbers of Law, Week of 4/18/11

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This week we take a look at the presidential hopeful who's been stealing the most media attention: Barack Obama.

Flying cars, free government checks, and no gay marriage; a glimpse at the world promised by Obama on the campaign trail: Large Numbers of Law, 4/18/11.

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