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There Is No Absence of Coincidence

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New from the Robot Pimp, how to detect if your (not so smart) lawyer is padding his bills.

Or, you know, if you are a lawyer, how to keep your overly mathy client from figuring out you're a cheat: There Is No Absence of Coincidence.

AL Homebrew Legislation Fails

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The Homebrew Legalization Bill failed to pass the State House today in a pitiful 28-45 vote.

The bill would have allowed Alabama citizens to brew their own beer, mead, cider or wine at home for their own consumption. Of course, you can just get a big jug, a bunch of cider, some champagne yeast and an airlock and make it yourself. All you have to do is then avoid the crime of Pissing Off a Cop.

Though...if you're making your own cider, odds of pissing off a cop go way up.

[Free the Hops]

[Disclaimer: Our editor BL1Y is a member of Free the Hops]

Doug Bandow Has a Stupid Beard

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Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, and he has a stupid beard.

Just look at that thing, what a stupid beard. I bet that beard can't do basic mathematics or know when to use your, you're or yore. It can't even finish the Monday crossword puzzles, is the reason we have warning labels on everything, and even likes Jay Leno. What a dumb, stupid beard.

On the other hand, Bandow himself is a pretty smart guy, at least when it comes to the age old American right to be a jerk (demonstrated above).

A lot gets lost in the debate over freedom of speech, especially in the context of threats of terrorism and the need to protect our liberties away, but Bandow's latest article strikes at the real meat of the question:

Terrorism may pose the greatest threat currently facing America. Not the possibility of being killed in a terrorist attack. Rather, the possibility of losing basic constitutional liberties.

That says it pretty well, but since a lot of people need to hear things more than one time and in more than one way to understand them, here's some more:

[T]o allow fear to justify the abrogation of Americans’ constitutional liberties would threaten what makes America worth protecting.  Indeed, the First Amendment sets the U.S. apart from the rest of the world.  Canada and many European nations long have sacrificed free speech to political correctness.  It is a new form of tyranny, in which people cannot argue about important political, religious, moral, and cultural controversies if doing so might offend the majority or, more often, an influential minority.

Or, to put it more simply, it's life and liberty, not life then liberty if no one in the world gets mad.


Pro Boozo

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This Cinco de Mayo, the McDivitt Law Firm in Colorado Springs will by paying the cab fare for anyone too drunk to drive themselves home.

Cinco de Mayo is commonly believed to be Mexican Independence Day, but the truth is, the annual celebration commemorates the day on which Americans of Anglo and German ancestry realized that Latin Americans also like to drink copious amounts of cervesa, and we all finally started to get along.

The free cab service will run from 7pm on May 5th until 3am May 6th. Passengers need only tell the driver that McDivitt is picking up the tab to receive a free ride to any residence (sorry, not to another bar) within the Colorado Springs city limits.

McDivitt launched its first Safe and Sober program for New Years 2007/08 and has since provided over 5000 free cab rides. The firm often represents victims of drunk driving accidents, which means the program will cut into its pool of future candidates. It also means that McDivitt probably actually cares, and does more for the public good than your 20 hours of pro bono.

[Press Release]

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