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Hey Lughead, It's a Scam

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Hey, remember that scam from like 2 years ago that was so laughably transparent that you couldn't imagine anyone actually falling for it?

Yeah, it's still a scam.  New from our marketing, legal technology, and practice column Lawyerlite: Hey Lughead, It's a Scam!

Uganda: No Death Penalty for Eat da Poo Poo

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For some months now, Uganda's parliament has been considering a law criminalizing homosexuality.

The original version of the bill would have imposed the death penalty on those engaging in homosexual acts. But, under heavy international criticism, backers of the bill have said they are moving away from capital punishment. However, the rest of the bill continues to move forward and will be up for a vote in mid-May.

For however bad you think political rhetoric gets in the United States, we've got nothing on Uganda [NSFW]:


Holy shit! (No pun intended.) That's what homosexual do behind closed doors? We just thought they watched Glee and Modern Family, wrote God awfully vapid musicals, and mindlessly ate up Lady Gaga's blatantly transparent pandering. We were okay with gays doing that in private, but eat da poo poo?

Well, if we're going to ban trans fats...

[USA Today]

There Is No Absence of Coincidence

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New from the Robot Pimp, how to detect if your (not so smart) lawyer is padding his bills.

Or, you know, if you are a lawyer, how to keep your overly mathy client from figuring out you're a cheat: There Is No Absence of Coincidence.

AL Homebrew Legislation Fails

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The Homebrew Legalization Bill failed to pass the State House today in a pitiful 28-45 vote.

The bill would have allowed Alabama citizens to brew their own beer, mead, cider or wine at home for their own consumption. Of course, you can just get a big jug, a bunch of cider, some champagne yeast and an airlock and make it yourself. All you have to do is then avoid the crime of Pissing Off a Cop.

Though...if you're making your own cider, odds of pissing off a cop go way up.

[Free the Hops]

[Disclaimer: Our editor BL1Y is a member of Free the Hops]

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