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Alternative Lawyer Careers: Anti-Pirate

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"The shipping business can be worse than the Wild West, the normal rule of law just doesn't apply in some places and it takes a long time for things to change."

Max Hardberger and is team have a very unique job, they steal ships -- from pirates.  When shipping companies lose their craft to pirates and don't want to pay the huge ransoms, they turn to Hardberger.  He and his crew have rescued about 15 ships.

And, it's been done without killing a single pirate.  Instead, they have a strict policy of catch and release.  After all, if you get rid of the all the pirates, business will dry up.  Better to keep them out there and operating, especially since you know they're the crappy pirates you can easily get ships back from.

Hardberger graduated from Northwestern California Law School in 1998 and has practiced maritime law.  But, before you add anti-pirate to the list of careers having a law degree opens up to you, note that the rest of his crew are all former soldiers with combat experience.

Great! That law degree means you get to be captain of your anti-pirate operation!

Hardberger has also worked as a pilot, English teacher, insurance adjuster, and blues drummer.

[Daily Mail]

Ex-Judge to Announce POTUS Bid Monday (Week?)

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Ex-Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore hinted at an Ohio tea party rally that he will be making his Presidential bid official on Monday.

"What's planned for my future? Next Monday, I'll let you know."

It's unclear though whether he meant the 18th or the 25th, but either way, we will keep you posted on what is sure to be a source of lasting amusement.

"Rights come from God -- and to secure those rights is the role of government.

"Are we slaves? Well, there's a lot of people out there that don't really care about this. They don't know we've lost the most precious thing we have. The war is inevitable. We've got to fight. Let it begin."

And of course, what's a post about Roy Moore without a video?  Here's another version of his gubernatorial jingle, this time with indisputable proof that black people like Roy Moore.

[Mansfield News Journal]

The Elite Pink Ghetto of Law Journals

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How could the William and Mary Law Review have no women among the 8 writers published in the last edition?

A look at what makes it happen, why it should happen, and how feminist law journals might be contributing to the problem: The Elite Pink Ghetto of Law Journals.

Billy Riffs: on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Because BL1Y hasn't met an issue he shouldn't touch that he didn't touch anyways: Billy Riffs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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