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1 in 3 Students Say Clinics Less Than Very Useful

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A NALP survey on law school experiential learning reveals some mixed feelings on the usefulness of skills training.

63.1% of students who participated in a legal clinic found it to be "very useful," compared to 60.1% for externships, and a paltry 38.5% for skills courses.  The number of students finding the courses to be not useful at all were 3.9%, 3.9%, and 3.6%, respectively.

This may look like validation of law school clinics. 63.1% say it was very useful, and only 3.9% found it to not be useful at all.  But, looking at it another way paints a much less cheery picture: one in three law students did not find their clinic to be very useful.

Being "very useful" should not be the equivalent of the class getting an A. It's a C. It's the minimum level of usefulness a clinic should provide to its students, and it's failing a third of them.

Pro bono work done by law students fared even worse. Only 17% found it to be very useful. The same number found the experience to be of no value at all.

[NALP Survey, gavel wave ABA Journal]

Philly Bans the Box

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The city that took in Michael Vick has taken another step towards helping out ex-cons.  Mayor Michael Nutter signed into law legislation that bans employers (both public and private) from asking applicants about their criminal records until after a first interview.

Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller, sponsor of the so-called 'Ban the Box' legislation, noted that the intention is only to help ex-cons get a foot in the door, not to force employers to hire them:

"The only harm that I see the potential employers may encounter is the time and money spent reading an application and interviewing an individual. This legislation does not force the employer to hire or take away their ability to judge the potential employee based on their criminal records."

In practical terms though, this might mean prospective employees are never asked about their criminal records. How many companies are going to have a second application to fill out after an interview? How many interviewers are going to want the awkward conversation of asking candidates about their criminal history?

[Mt. Airy Patch]

How False Statements are Undermining America

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From Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff, high profile lies, fraud and perjury threaten to undermine the fabric of the American justice system.

Read about it here: How False Statements are Undermining America.

People on Top of People

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Most people hate dealing with lawyers, even when it's a one-off transaction and they can sit a comfortable distance away at the other end of a conference table, so imagine working in a space so tight that you can hear another attorney's digestive tract working on his lunch.

Read The Namby Pamby's latest article here: People on Top of People.

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