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Jesse Jackson Jr. Proposes Housing, Health Care, iPod Amendment

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Jesse Jackson has proposed amending the US Constitution to guarantee every citizen the right to a decent home (think of what that'll do for the building industry!),  right to medical care (more jobs for doctors!), and the right to a decent education (just think of the iPod and laptop sales!).

We're not exactly constitutional philosophy professors over here, but we're pretty sure we shouldn't go about deciding on what our fundamental rights are based on how those rights might help job growth.  Otherwise, why not just cut to the chase and provide a constitutional right to a job and a paycheck?

Jacques Chirac in Court Over Corruption Charges

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Jacques Chirac is on trial today on accusations that he abused his position when mayor of Paris to reward party loyalists.  Chirac held the position of Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995.  He became President in 1995, and remained in office until 2007.

The last French leader to stand trial was Philippe Pétain, leader of Vichy France.  He was convicted of treason and sentenced to life in prison.  Chirac is likely to have a much better fate.

Though France has in recent years found high ranking government officials guilty of corruption, the sentences have been light, typically probation and a short ban on holding public office.


Harvard #1 Among Hiring Partners

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A US News and World Report survey of law firm hiring partners about where they prefer to get their students from placed Harvard in the top spot, above Yale and Stanford, tied for second.

The list looks like most other law school rankings, with Columbia, Michigan, NYU, UVA, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern, Berkeley and Chicago rounding out the rest of the top 10 (er, top 12, due to ties).  The list provides less of a shake-up than the National Law Journal's report on which schools send the highest percentage of grads to Big Law.  Chicago and Cornell topped that list at 59% and 58%.

While a list of where people actually go may seem more useful than just the feelings of recruiters, the US News rankings may still be of value.  Consider that top schools like Harvard, Yale and Stanford send grads to positions even more competitive than Big Law, such as clerkships with Supreme Court feeder judges.  Harvard sends only 50% of its students to Big Law, Stanford 42%, and Yale only 34%.  The US News ranking seems to indicate they could easily get the Big Law jobs, they just don't want them.

[US News]

[National Law Journal]

Harder, Better, Faster, ADR

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Kanye West and Suge Knight have settled out of court a multi-million dollar law suit Knight filed against West over an incident at a party in 2005. Knight was shot at the party and sued West claiming a lack of property security at the function. Kanye presumably has deeper pockets than the shooter. Knight also sued for a $135,000 earring that was lost during the kerfuffle.

The case was thrown out last November after a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove that poor security was proximate cause of the shooting.  Knight appealed the decision, but it has since been settled in a confidential agreement.

West declined to counter sue Knight for unjust enrichment on the theory of "N-n-now that which don't kill me / can only make me stronger."

[AP via AllHipHop]

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