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GA Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID LAw

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The Georgia Supreme Court in a 6-1 decision has upheld the state's voter ID law in Democratic Party of Georgia v. Perdue.  The law required voters to produce one of 17 photo or non-photo identifications, or failing that, to sign under oath that they are who they say they are. If voting under oath, only a provisional ballot is cast, and the voter has 48 hours to present acceptable identification.

In 2009, the Eleventh Circuit upheld the same law; the US Supreme Court upheld a similar law in Indiana in 2008, as did Indiana's own top court in 2010.  A key element the courts considered in each case was that the plaintiffs failed to produce even one person who was unable to vote under the new laws.

[National Review]

[Opinion of the Court]

Under-Employment: Bridging the 12-18 Year Scotch Gap

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New article from The Namby Pamby discusses how to marginally upgrade your life style, while scraping by in the low $40ks.

Read it here: Under-Employment: Bridging the 12-18 Year Scotch Gap

Georgia Proposes Cookie-Killing Bill

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If passed Georgia House Bill 385 would pierce the very heart of America.

It would add a sales tax to Girl Scout cookies.  The tax eliminates exemptions from sales tax currently enjoyed by non-profit organizations.  Just think about how this will negatively affect delicious Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs:

  • Price goes up
  • Have to deal with change instead of whole dollars
  • Girl Scouts volunteers have to keep track of taxes
  • Cookies leave bad tax after-taste in mouth

If you live in Georgia, please write to your state representative today and urge them not to tax Girl Scout cookies.  They can tax Boy Scouts popcorn though, because really, who the fuck cares?

[Gwinnett Gazette]

Emigration Standoff on the 38th Parallel

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For more than a month, thirty-one North Koreans have been living in South Korea, at the center of an emigration conflict.  They were on board a fishing vessel that drifted south, and ended up on the wrong side of the border.

Now, four members of the crew wish to defect and stay in the South.

But what of the other twenty-seven?  South Korea has attempted to return them to the North, but the border remained closed.  The DPRK has accused the South of coercing defection out of the other four, and will not accept return of only a partial group.


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