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Department of Law and Motor Vehicles

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New article from BL1Y discusses the absurdity of NYU's legal writing and research "Lawyering" class.

Read it here: Department of Law and Motor Vehicles

DoJ Agents Seize $1.5M of Marijuana, 55 lbs of Alligator

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Department of Justice agents raided a house in East Hemet, CA, and seized 2,300 marijuana plants, valued at approximately $1.5 million.  They also seized another piece of illegal property: a 55 pound, 4 foot long alligator.

That's not particularly big, as adult alligators are typically 800 pounds and 13 feet in length.  Joel Almquist, who runs the Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary where the animal is being kept, said that despite the gator's small size it's bite may still make it an effective guard animal:

"It's kind of like being bit by a vise with teeth. It's not a pleasant experience."

While baby alligators are pretty cute, and their illegal status gives them some appeal to career criminals, what do you do once it reaches adulthood?  Perhaps keeping your wealth of pot in the same room as something that's going to grow into a huge, man-eating beast isn't such a great idea.  It also probably kills your buzz.

[Press Enterprise]

Regulate Meets Tax

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The rallying cry from the pro-marijuana crowd lately has been "regulate and tax," appealing to governments' constant need for more money.  They get their sticky icky, the government gets green backs, everyone goes home happy.

So far, changes in marijuana laws have been coming mainly on the legalization front, but now Los Angeles plans to finally cash in on its side of the bargain.  Strapped for cash and feeling the pinch of the recession, LA will now have a 5% tax on marijuana, and is projected to raise $10 million a year.

[International Business Times]

Con Daily Featured on Lawyerist

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Out of work? Can't find anyone anyone to pay you for your JD? Tired of hearing people tell you who there's tons of demand for lawyers (from clients without money) and you should just hang up a shingle and get working?

Over on Lawyerist, Con Daily's own BL1Y discusses an alternative form of shingle-hanging, the law blog.

Getting advertisers might be harder than getting paying clients, but at least the expenses are a lot less ($12 to get going over here, plus $8 a month; try getting malpractice insurance for that).

If you're wondering how you do eventually go about getting advertisers...yeah, we don't know. (If you do know, we'd like to hear it, and it you're a potential advertiser, we'd like your money.) But, at least the first step is obvious: create a site someone would want to buy advertising at.  I like to think we're off to a good start on that.  If not, blame Namby.


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