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Regulate Meets Tax

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The rallying cry from the pro-marijuana crowd lately has been "regulate and tax," appealing to governments' constant need for more money.  They get their sticky icky, the government gets green backs, everyone goes home happy.

So far, changes in marijuana laws have been coming mainly on the legalization front, but now Los Angeles plans to finally cash in on its side of the bargain.  Strapped for cash and feeling the pinch of the recession, LA will now have a 5% tax on marijuana, and is projected to raise $10 million a year.

[International Business Times]

Con Daily Featured on Lawyerist

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Out of work? Can't find anyone anyone to pay you for your JD? Tired of hearing people tell you who there's tons of demand for lawyers (from clients without money) and you should just hang up a shingle and get working?

Over on Lawyerist, Con Daily's own BL1Y discusses an alternative form of shingle-hanging, the law blog.

Getting advertisers might be harder than getting paying clients, but at least the expenses are a lot less ($12 to get going over here, plus $8 a month; try getting malpractice insurance for that).

If you're wondering how you do eventually go about getting advertisers...yeah, we don't know. (If you do know, we'd like to hear it, and it you're a potential advertiser, we'd like your money.) But, at least the first step is obvious: create a site someone would want to buy advertising at.  I like to think we're off to a good start on that.  If not, blame Namby.


Aren't You a Little Fat for a Billionaire?

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Imperial troops have entered the base. Imperial troops have entered the base.

Well, not quite, but Imperial Stormtroopers in the the UK's Supreme Court.  Okay, just their uniforms.

George Lucas is suing Andrew Ainsworth for copyright infringement for selling unlicensed Stormtrooper uniform replicas.  In 2008, Lucas had sued Ainsworth in US court and won a $20 million judgment.  But, a similar action in the UK was tossed out on appeal by the Royal Court of Justice.  The court ruled that products made for "utilitarian purposes" (ie: movie props) were art, and thus not subject to copyright protections.

Ainsworth isn't just any replica maker though.  He created the original costumes for the 1977 movie.  We understand how much money there is in Star Wars merchandise, but come on, George, let the man make an honest buck.

Maybe Lucas is jealous that the original stormtrooper uniforms are way cooler than the new clone troopers.

[Hollywood Reporter]

Stanford #1 for Mid-Career Pay

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There are all sorts of numbers flying around about how much students earn right out of law school.  $160,000, $15k bonus, $74k median, 115% employment in 9 months (some grads are working two jobs).  But, what about further down the line?  You know, the other 40+ years you'll spend regretting your life decisions.  The at-graduation and at-9 month stats don't take into account life after clerking, attrition rates, and the benefit of having attended class with a future president, CEO, or standup comedian.

Forbes has taken a look at mid-career salaries, using data tracked by PayScales and placed Stanford at #1, with a median mid-career salary of $236,000.  Coming in second place was Duke, at $221,000.  The salaries were only used for people working in the private sector, though it did consider both legal and non-legal workers.  Here's how the rest of the top ten rounds out:

#3 - Columbia, $217,000

#4 - UVA, $212,000

#5 - Boston U., $206,000

#6 - NYU, $204,000

#7 - Harvard, $203,000

#8 - U. Penn, $201,000

#9 - UCLA, $200,000

#10 - (tie) Berkeley, Notre Dame, $191,000

Difference of $45,000 a year between #1 and #10.  Sure gives a different picture than schools reporting $160k across the board.


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