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Emigration Standoff on the 38th Parallel

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For more than a month, thirty-one North Koreans have been living in South Korea, at the center of an emigration conflict.  They were on board a fishing vessel that drifted south, and ended up on the wrong side of the border.

Now, four members of the crew wish to defect and stay in the South.

But what of the other twenty-seven?  South Korea has attempted to return them to the North, but the border remained closed.  The DPRK has accused the South of coercing defection out of the other four, and will not accept return of only a partial group.


Laptops Okay, Boring Profs to Blame, Article Argues

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A new article from Temple University law professor Kristen Murray seeks to take the laptop debate out of the realm of anecdote and baseless hypotheses by actually asking students how they use laptops and analyzing the responses.

In "Let Them Use Laptops: Debunking the Assumptions Underlying the Debate Over Laptops in the Classroom," Murray concludes that laptops generally should stay, and that professors can find better alternatives to an outright ban. She also discusses several beliefs about laptop usage which she calls myths:

1. Students Use Laptops to Take Transcript-Style Notes

2. Laptops in Class Lead to Decreased Class Participation and Engagement

3. Laptops Primarily Provide Law Students with Opportunities for Distraction

4. Because They Are Digital Natives, Law Students Make Informed Choices About Laptops and Learning

5. Law Professors Have Developed Sufficient Standards for Measuring the Results of Law School Laptop Bans

Regarding Myth #3, Murray points to the professor as the bigger cause of student distraction:

Students reported the effect of their interest in the class as follows: 16.8% engage in non-class-relatedlaptop use “the same amount in every class”; 41.9% “engage in them less in a class [they] find generally more interesting”; 28.7% “engage in them less when the specific [topic of] discussion is more interesting” to them; and 7.8% cite other factors (such as how interesting the professor is).

This looks pretty intuitive. It's not like students haven't always found plenty of other ways to distract themselves without laptops.  Doodling, passing notes, sudoku, knitting, sleeping. Students aren't checking their e-mail in class because their e-mail is so interesting, it's because the professor is so boring.

[SSRN gavel wave Prawf's Blawg]

Faculty Lounge: Faculty Lateral Moves, 2011

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The Faculty Lounge has started their fifth annual list of faculty lateral moves.  So far there are twenty-five moves posted, and the list will be updated as no information comes in.

So far, the leading loser is Fordham, dropping two members of their faculty.  The biggest winners have been DePaul with a pickup from Miami and Loyala - Chicago, and Colorado, picking up two of Fordham's losses.

[Faculty Lounge]

Gaga Not Gaga Over Gaga

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Lady Gaga is not going gaga over a new ice cream flavor from Icecreamists called Baby Gaga.  It's not just the name's closeness to Gaga's that's drawing fire from her legal team.  It's also the flavor:

Breast milk.

Gaga's lawyers say associating that product with the pop star is detrimental to her image, as the flavor is "deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing."  We'll let you savor the irony there.

The server at the icecreamery is also dressed in a costume that mimics that style of Lady Gaga, and can be seen in this BBC report on the shop.

[Toronto Life]

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