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Pizza and Beer Summit

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Join us June 17th from 5pm-7pm (or whenever, until we get bored or pass out) for the Constitutional Daily NYC Pizza and Beer Summit!

What will we have? Pizza and beer, you big dummy!

And maybe also some wine, but mostly pizza and beer.

Who's going to be there? BL1Y, Shadow Hand, and probably Dr. Rob (buy his freaking book!) and his podcast cohost Ben Corman. Also, we'll have whatever jerkwagons you bring with you.


If you'd like to attend, just RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and be sure to have "Summit" in the subject line. We'll hit you back with the location details a week or so before the event.

If you RSVPed to the Happy Hour, no need to RSVP again, we've got you, and this is the same event, just further down the planning pipeline.

Review: You Want Fries With That? (BL1Y)

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"Prioleau Alexander's comic tales of quitting the rat race to find meaning have a deep lesson for all of us -- get back in that race and run like hell!"

-Stephen Colbert

Burned out ad man spends a year working in the world of minimum wage. A world many lawyers are trying to work their way up to.

Read BL1Y's review here.

Everybody Saw the King Say Yeah!

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Did you know that the jurisdiction of the government is limited to Washington, DC and that writing your name in all caps creates a corporate shell person?

That's just two of the odd beliefs of the growing sovereign movement. Sovereigns, who exist in at least 30 states, believe the present government is invalid, and that each individual is their own ruler. They're basically anarchists, and the FBI takes them very seriously, considering the movement to have the potential for domestic terrorism. In May 2010, two sovereigns were shot and killed by police, after killing two police officers and attempting to assassinate the governor of Arkansas.


I, Monty-Wayne, of the family of Ervin, am a sovereign Most Christian Prince as certified by His Most Christian Majesty, Prince George, the Arch-Treasurer for ‘The United States of America” in the Treaty of Paris of 1783.

That is actual language from a court filing by a Dothan, Alabama man ticketed for obstruction of government operations and driving without a license, and who is now awaiting trial for tax evasion. We've heard some crazy theories about the Constitution (like the "General Welfare" power or "Commerce Clause") but this really takes the cake:

Sovereigns believe that the name listed on your birth certificate is your “corporate shell” name and does not identify the true you. They believe that the all-capital letters now used on birth certificates and driver’s licenses has significant meaning. With correct styling of your true name and the filing of correct documents, many believe you can access funds deposited in the secret treasury at each citizen’s birth to monetize the true value of their life.

That money the treasury is holding for you? It's about $20 million.

A group of 27 residents of Southeast Alabama have formed into a shadow government, which they call a "de jure grand jury," ready to take over the state after the local governments collapse. Good thing you have the Council of Constitutional Daily Barons ready to protect you should that day come.

...Just kidding. We're gonna peace out with all the liquor we can find. The rest of you are on your own.

[Dothan Eagle, gavel wave Dale Jackson]

7 Law School Debt Tips

E-mail Print PDF today has an article from Texas Lawyer with 7 tips on how to confront your law school debt. It's pretty dry stuff, like make a budget, and pay your bills. There's not really anything creative to do about law school debt though, but we wanted to take a closer look at two of the tips:

4. Pay more than the minimum.

Law grads should pay extra every month and avoid years of compounding interest, which can save a lot of money in the end. Students still in law school should consider making interest payments now to reduce overall loan amounts.

We know it sucks to take the small amount you're earning now at the beginning of your career and give an even bigger chunk to Sallie Mae. But, interest is what it is. Paying more now decreases the total amount you will have to pay over time.

Even better than this advice though would be to keep interest in mind while in law school. If like most students these days, you took out loans to cover your living expenses, think of your discretionary spending in terms of the total it will cost you. $5 for a pint of tasty, tasty ice cream might not seem too bad. After all, you need a little comfort in your life. But, with interest that ice cream is going to cost you $10 or more. Now that's some expensive ice cream. Still worth it?

Remember, nothing tastes as good as being out of debt feels.


7. Don't go back.

Finally, some law school grads who have not yet found jobs may be considering going back to school. They shouldn't. Going back to school amounts to more loans and accruing interest. It is best to face the task of paying off the loans because, in most instances, student loans can't be discharged in bankruptcy, and creditors could garnish wages or attach property.

A law grad should not jump back over the first hurdle but rather should face that second hurdle with these tips in hand.

We disagree. The deciding factor for whether or not you go back to school should not be debt. It should be what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. If you realize law isn't for you, then don't let your law school debt hold you back from having a life you can stand to live. As Dr. Rob pointed out his piece on Professional Identity, it's easy to buy into the sunk cost fallacy and think that because you have a law degree you have to be a lawyer. Nope, you don't even have to use your degree. You may never get another shot at a second chance, so go for it while you're young.

Plus, most grad school programs are free. Not only free, but they pay you to go. You can typically get tuition waived by working as a graduate teaching assistant or getting a research job. Professional degrees like law, business, and medicine, have to be paid for out of your pocket. But, if you have decent grades, an academic advanced degree will pay for itself, and then some. You'll accumulate more debt due to interest on your loans, but at least you can defer payment for a few years, and you won't get more debt on your subsidized federal loans (so with inflation, you actually decrease this debt by a little).


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