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Eye of the Lawyer

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We think it's pretty silly for lawyers to compare litigation to fighting, but the analogy is probably permanently in place. Maybe it's just easier to look at yourself in the mirror every morning if you view yourself as a warrior, going to battle for those who can't defend themselves, rather than a guy who files motions out of a form book. But, you'd think someone who has actually been a professional boxer would understand that the two things are not at all alike:



We admit that working your way through law school by boxing actually sounds really awesome. But, when you go shopping for a lawyer, do you really want someone who is that hung up on something he used to a decade ago? His website is decked out with the boxing theme, and his profile even includes his boxing accolades and record (6-1, with 3 KOs).

Perhaps credentials as an attorney would be more relevant?

[Winton Law Group]

New Poll: End of the Legal World

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Bedbugs carry the plague, lawbots are rising up, and many still hope to answer the call of Dick the Butcher. One way or another, the end of times is on the legal community.

Vote in our new poll (it's over there on the right, if you haven't discovered it yet) and tell us how you think the legal world will come to an end, and no, the ABA tightening its accreditation standards is not an option.

Senator Boxer Follows Up With the ABA

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You may recall Senator Boxer's scolding letter to ABA President Stephen Zack a little while back.

Now she is following up, and not to happy about a lack of independent auditing or the merit based scholarship scam scheme.

Read about it here.

Blind Drunk Justice, Season 2 - Episode 11

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New, very special rapture edition of Blind Drunk Justice since we know all of our listeners will still be around and need something to do rather than work.

In this week's episode Namby and BL1Y discuss using other people's work with permission, going to law school as a teenager, the government seeking welfare from law grads, and Chicago's most powerful, under-financed law firm.

As always, available on the embed player, or from our download page.

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The Tenure Paradox

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Intelligence: The Gathering

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