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Everyone's a Loser in the Transfer Game

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Could it be that when a student transfers from a middling law school up to the elite ranks, both schools suffer?

If you're willing to put aside your fear of numbers for just a moment, you'll see how this could be the case: Everyone's a Loser in the Transfer Game.

Get Flossy, Get Ahead

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Could landing that job, or the plum assignment, or the dream client really be as simple as brushing your teeth? (And would it really hurt you to find out?)

New from Lawyerlite, our law firm marketing, legal technology, and practice column, Get Flossy, Get Ahead.

Law Firm Interviews Get a Make Over

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If you've been through the big law OCI (that's on campus interview, for those of you who call it something else) grinder, you know that it's a rapid succession of 20-minute fluff talks.

They ask you about food and travel, you try to make sure you get the name of the firm right and don't say you're interested in the one practice area they don't have, or that you want to work in a non-existent office. At the end of the interview, the firm looks the same as when it started, and the firm goes back to judging you almost solely on your school and transcript.

This poor match-making system might have something to do with why so many lawyers hate their jobs. You might have a lot of potential as an attorney, but being a bad fit will make you unhappy, it'll make your boss unhappy with you, and it'll make you even more unhappy that your boss is unhappy. Now, one firm is taking a very different approach.

Philadelphia-based Pepper Hamilton has introduced a three-prong interview process. The first stage is still the typical meet and greet "don't say anything stupid" interview. After that, students then move in to a more substantive process, starting with a discussion of their writing sample, and ending with a "hot seat" fact pattern argument.

This more closely resembles the hiring method used by big consulting firms, which typically have a live exercise for interviewees to work through. It will be a lot more work for both the students and the firms, but it probably should be. Deciding who is going to staff your cases, and what firm you're going to spend the next 5-50 years at is a pretty big deal. The present double-blind approach doesn't exactly give the process the weight it deserves.

[US News]

Ob-Gyns: No Fatties

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14% of ob-gyns in South Florida have begun turning down obese patients.

Women who weigh more than 200 pounds will start finding it harder to find an ob-gyn as more begin turning down obese patients. Some cited inadequate equipment to handle heavier weights, while others said they didn't want to deal with the higher risk of complications (and presumably higher risk of lawsuits).

While medical ethics experts have pointed out the obvious problem, fatties aren't a protected class. So long as doctors aren't discriminating on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or infectious disease, they can turn down whatever patients they don't want. But, with the way America's waistline is going, most doctors will find it impossible to refuse all obese patients.

This will almost certainly lead to some sort of law suit, or a push to make the obese a protected class. But, what if rather than excluding the obese, a doctor simply limited their patient list to those who were fit?

It's on ethically shaky ground to turn away all obese patients, but what if a doctor, say a particularly skilled and in-demand doctor, wanted to only treat very fit patients? Is it at all unethical for a doctor to say that if you want to be his patient, you are not allowed to smoke, must do at least 3 hours of cardio each week, avoid high salt foods, and keep your body fat below a certain percentage?

Or, to make a legal analogy, wouldn't you want to be able to drop a client who continuously disrupts proceedings, pisses off the judge, and gets public intox arrests while out on bond for a burglary arrest?


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