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The Tenure Paradox - Robot pimp

Slap on the Wrist for "Non-Consensual Sex" - Lampshade, Esq.

Intelligence: The Gathering - Graphic and Gratuitous

Grads are the New Illegals - Robot Pimp

Meet Entitlement Eric - Robot Pimp

Wherein I Solve World Peace - Lampshade, Esq.

A Necessary Delusion - Shadow Hand

Do you even need to shave overhead? - Lawyerlite

LSAT Jenga - Publius Picasso

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Read This Before Suing Us

Here at Constitutional Daily we believe in following the philosophy of Sam Weinberg:

"I have no responsibilities here whatsoever."

It's that simple.  Don't take anything you read here as legal advice, career advice, educational advice, or social advice.  The articles and information on this site are intended for entertainment purposes only.  And, if you look at how badly we achieve even our stated end, you can just imagine how poorly this site would perform for any other purpose.

We may mention that some of our articles are written by licensed attorneys.  They are.  But, we're just saying that because we know some people are easily impressed by anyone who can pass the bar exam.  Don't be fooled into thinking that opinions about legal issues published here are the product of research or careful analysis.  That's too much like work, and if they wanted to do more of that, our writers would go somewhere that paid them for it.

Our writers may also discuss the consumption of delicious, intoxicating spirits in large volumes.  No representation is made that these levels are safe for consumption by you, the reader.  Binge drinking does not make you cool.  It makes us cool, and you are not us.  We have years of depression fueling the intense conditioning we put our livers through.  To quote Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman, "It may not look like it, but we're professionals. Do us a favor and don't try this at home."

For our attorney readers: We do not endorse billing to a client the time you spend at Constitutional Daily.  But, we more strongly do not endorse getting fired because you failed to meet your billing requirements.  And, somewhere between the strengths of the previous two non endorsements, we medium-strengthly do not endorse you giving up visiting and spending time at Constitutional Daily because you need to rack up more billable hours.

We'll let you expert logicians figure out what to do.

Enjoy Constitutional Daily responsibly.

Don't drink and drive.

Philadelphia Lawyer, Unfiltered

The finest blend of analysis, advice, and fury on the internet. Sour mash, oak barrel aged, published at cask strength.


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In Defense of Risk (Happy Fourth of July)

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The Robot Pimp

An in depth look at the emerging intersection of law, behavioral economics, and robots.

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The Tenure Paradox

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Practice Makes Putrid

Legal practice would be all rainbows and buttercups, if it weren't for the clients, and opposing counsel, and co-counsel, and judges, and the law.

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Eat Mor Fiv Freedums

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Gin and Glannon's

As Shadow Hand suffers through law school, the rest of us get a little Schadenfreude.

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I Just Work Here

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Irresistible Impulse

Dr. Rob Dobrenski's daring expedition into the psychology of lawyers and the law. (Not a substitute for a life well lived.)

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You're Not a Failure, You're a Narcissist

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Graphic and Gratuitous

Sometimes cartoons are the highest form of communication. Those times are known as "most of the time."

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Intelligence: The Gathering

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There And Never Back Again

Defunct Big Law attorney BL1Y shares his misadventures as a writer who accidentally went to law school.


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Lampshade, Esquire

We're dealing with some technical difficulties here. Hold up a minute.

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News, humor, and other non-billables from our underpaid, uncredited, unsexy staff.


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